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Far too many 401(k)s are too expensive, too time-consuming to manage and offer little to you and your employees. makes finding and managing your company’s retirement plans better, easier and cheaper.

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Hiring and retaining quality employees is more challenging today thanks to low unemployment and high turnover. Gain a competitive advantage with benefit packages that don’t break the bank.

Attract and Retain Talented Employees

Attract and Retain Talented Employees

401(k) plans attract and retain employees by providing retirement savings opportunities, employer contributions, tax advantages, portability, financial security, and a competitive advantage in the job market. These benefits help employees build long-term financial stability and demonstrate a commitment from the employer to their employees’ well-being beyond their current employment.

Owners Need Retirement

Owners Need Retirement Savings

Safe harbor 401(k) plan offers business owners tax advantages, higher contribution limits, mandatory employer matching contributions, simplified administration, employee retention benefits, asset protection, and a vehicle to secure their own retirement savings. It provides a powerful tool for business owners to save for the future while benefiting their employees and maintaining compliance with IRS regulations.

Increasing Employee Morale and Engagement

Increase Employee Morale and Engagement

a well-implemented 401(k) plan can increase employee morale and engagement by providing financial security, attracting and retaining talent, fostering loyalty, and supporting employees’ long-term goals. These positive outcomes contribute to a more engaged and productive workforce, which ultimately enhances business value and reputation.

Maximizing Retirement Success with a Politically Conservative Plan Advisor

By leveraging the expertise and support of a plan advisor, plan sponsors and business owners can offload complex tasks, gain access to specialized knowledge, and ensure their 401(k) plan is effectively managed. This partnership helps reduce administrative burdens, improve plan outcomes, and ultimately provide employees with a better retirement savings experience. Here’s how a plan advisor can make the plan sponsor and/or business owner’s responsibilities easier:

A plan advisor acts as a trusted ally, simplifying the plan sponsor and/or business owner’s responsibilities in several key ways:

  1. Fiduciary Guidance: The plan advisor offers valuable expertise in navigating fiduciary responsibilities. They provide guidance on selecting and monitoring investment options, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and mitigating potential risks. This support helps the plan sponsor confidently fulfill their fiduciary duties.


  1. Investment Due Diligence: Conducting thorough investment due diligence is time-consuming. A plan advisor streamlines this process by researching, analyzing investment options, and providing recommendations based on the plan’s objectives, risk tolerance, and participant needs. Their expertise simplifies decision-making and ensures a well-diversified investment lineup.


  1. Plan Design and Optimization: Plan advisors assist in designing and optimizing 401(k) plans to align with sponsor goals and employee needs. They evaluate plan features, contribution formulas, eligibility criteria, and vesting schedules, ensuring they promote participant engagement and support organizational objectives.


  1. Employee Education and Communication: Educating and communicating with plan participants is crucial for their understanding and engagement. Plan advisors develop educational materials, conduct workshops or webinars, and provide personalized guidance to employees. This empowers participants to make informed decisions, reducing the burden on the plan sponsor.


  1. Compliance Support: Plan advisors simplify the complexities of compliance by providing ongoing support. They assist with required disclosures, filings, and notices, ensuring the plan remains in good standing and avoids penalties or legal risks associated with evolving regulations.


  1. Benchmarking and Performance Monitoring: Regular benchmarking against industry standards helps sponsors assess competitiveness and identify areas for improvement. Plan advisors track fees, services, and performance, providing reports and recommendations to enhance participant outcomes and maximize retirement savings.


  1. Ongoing Plan Monitoring: Plan advisors provide ongoing monitoring, tracking key metrics, investment performance, and participant engagement. This allows sponsors to stay informed through regular reports and recommendations, simplifying the monitoring process and freeing up time for other business priorities.

By partnering with a plan advisor, plan sponsors and business owners gain access to specialized knowledge and support, enabling them to offload complex tasks, improve plan outcomes, and enhance the retirement savings experience for their employees. This collaboration simplifies responsibilities, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures the effective management of the 401(k) plan.

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