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What sets Bob and his team apart from other 401(k) plan advisors is their unique wealth management approach to 401(k) plans. Unlike traditional advisors, they focus on optimizing benefits for top employees while ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, all while prioritizing the well-being of non-highly compensated employees. Additionally, they implement investment models within most 401(k) plans, mirroring the sophisticated models offered to their high-net-worth private clients. They offer an array of 401(k) management services and established, a sister company that provides quality plans backed by exceptional client service to conservative business owners just like you. In addition to guiding your personal retirement, Bob and his team of 401(k) financial advisors will help establish and implement 401(k) plans for your employees. We specialize in plans that have between two and 25 million dollars of assets. In that asset range, we provide a selection of quality plans that fit most budgets and objectives. We provide onboarding services, proactive and ongoing education, and continued support to help them make successful retirement decisions.

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Providing retirement benefits is fundamental to recruiting, rewarding, and retaining high performing employees. From past experience, many business owners believe they don’t have the staff or funds to provide a retirement plan to their employees. However, establishing a quality, diversified 401(k) is no longer out of reach – and can go a long way in securing you and your employees’ financial futures.


Not sure of where to even start asking the right questions? Download our PDF (View PDF)  outlining the more important components that go into making a successful 401(k) plan.  


Managing your company’s 401(k) plan is just one of your many responsibilities. For this important task, don’t go it alone. Our financial experts will provide you with a selection of quality 401(k) options that are on target to meet your needs, goals and budget. We’ll help you automate the connection to your payroll provider to reduce errors and reduce your clerical workload. We will guide you every step of the way to avoid pitfalls, stay in compliance and provide pro-active ongoing employee education and support.

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